ProAlbum uses industry leading equipments & technology to offer its customers the best for their beautiful photographs. The paper, board, coatings & other necessary raw material used in the Album are been procured from all around the world manufactured by world leading companies. As a part of our process the designs ordered online of offline are thoroughly checked for its size, resolution & bleeds. Every album manufactured is checked for its quality of print & bind.

A perfect blend of traditional style combined with innovative contemporary design, all our Range of albums are professionally made from finest materials by highly skilled & experienced craftsmen with the help of world class machinery. Designed to withstand the test of time, our Range remains a reflection of life’s most special moment.

•  Eco hi Gloss : Hi Gloss UV Finish
•  Eco Matt : Matt UV Finish
•  Eco Photo Matt : Photo Matt Finish with PUR Binding

•  Eco Canvas Texture : Canvas Texture Finish with
    PUR Binding
•  Eco Premium Gloss : Premium Gloss Finish with
    PUR Binding
•  Eco Rich Matt : Rich Matt Finish with PUR Binding

•  Premium Gloss : Premium Gloss Finish with
   PUR Binding
•  Rich Matt : Rich Matt Finish with PUR Binding

•  Non Terrible Hi Gloss : Hi Gloss Finish
•  Non Terrible Matt : Matt Finish

•  Luxury Velvet : Velvet Finish with PUR Binding
•  Luxury Texture : Texture Finish with PUR Binding
•  Luxury Metallic : Metallic Finish with PUR Binding

•  Premium Gloss : Premium Gloss Finish using
   Mazina Paper
•  Rich Matt : Rich Matt Finish using Mazina Paper
•  Premium Silk : Silk Finish using Mazina Paper

•  Regular Matt Hard Cover
•  3D Single Side Cover
•  3D Double Side Cover
•  Full Wrap Soft Cover
•  Full Wrap Matt Cover
•  Full Wrap 3D Soft Cover
•  Full Wrap 3D Cover
•  Leather Cover
•  Exclusive Leather Cover : Leather Cover with Names
•  Wooden Cover : Regular Wooden Cover with Photo

•  Exclusive Wooden Cover : Wooden Cover with Names
•  Color Plus Technology : CPT Enhances color gamut,
    sharpness & Image enhancement.
   (charges are for    Double Side)

•  Mini Book : Gloss Uv
•  Mini Book Cover : Soft Matt Cover
•  Amateur Book : 6x8 Photo (Min 48 photo to Max
   104 Photo)
•  Amateur Book : Center Pinning
•  Regular Carry Bag : Maroon Carry Bag
•  Exclusive Carry Bag : Marron, Black, Green, Gold
•  Playing Cards : Playing Card With Personalized Box
•  6x8 Table Calender : 13 pg Table Calender
•  12x18 Wall Calender : 6 pg Wall Calender
•  12x18 Wall Calender : 13 pg Wall Calender
•  Transparent/Clear Film : Clear Film
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